Ultimate Minecraft Seed List

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Hey guys!

This is my Ultimate Minecraft Seed List.

Please bare in mind this Minecraft Seed List is a work in progress. I am constantly updating it with any new seeds that I come across, so if you know of any good seeds then please use the contact page and send them to us.

Minecraft Artomix Seed

Seed: Artomix

This seed was discovered by a person known as Zakeria. It spawns you on a small tropical island that would make a perfect map for survival.

Minecraft Artomix Seed

Minecraft Artomix Seed 2

Minecraft Artomix Seed 3

Taiga Island Seed

Seed: 6508504818774936544

This seed was discovered by a guy off Reddit called BantyRooster. It generates a large but beautiful Taiga Island.

Minecraft Taiga Island Seed

Minecraft Taiga Island Seed 2

Minecraft Taiga Island Seed 3

 Minecraft Mushroom Jungle Seed

Seed: 321539913

This seed was discovered by a guy known as RetroJoe. It spawns you near a huge mushroom biome with floating islands and caves.

Minecraft Mushroom Jungle Seed

Minecraft Mushroom Jungle Seed 2

Minecraft Mushroom Jungle Seed 3

Minecraft Jungle Village Seed

Seed: 1672184498917379323

This seed spawns you in a jungle biome which is very close to a NPC village.

Minecraft Jungle Village Seed

Minecraft Jungle Village Seed 2

Minecraft Jungle Village Seed 3

Minecraft Small Islands Seed


This seed spawns you on a small island with another small island very close by, it features an easily accessible zombie dungeon. A short distance above the zombie dungeon is a  taiga biome.

Minecraft Island Seed

Minecraft Island Seed 2

Minecraft Jungle Seed

Seed: 185119370

This seed spawns you in the middle of a huge jungle  biome surrounded by tall cliffs and beautiful rivers winding right through the jungle. As many of you will already know one of the major new features included in the Minecraft 1.2 release was the jungle biomes, what a better way to show that off with this beautiful Jungle Seed.

Minecraft Jungle Seed

Minecraft Jungle Seed 2

Minecraft Jungle Seed 3

As more seeds become avalible I will continue to update this list with some of the coolest Minecraft Seeds!

If you found my Ultimate Minecraft Seed List helpful, then please leave a comment and like the page. Thanks!